2−5 Form of Business

(1) JETRO suggests four modes to start business, such as
  -Representative office
  -Branch office
  -Subsidiary company
  -Limited liability partnership (LLP)
       See JETRO HP for more details.


You can compare types of business operation HERE   



(2) Legal Entity

  Two types of legal entity to start business are worth to consider, which are Kabushiki-Kaisha (K.K.) and Goudo kaisha (L.L.C)

  Generally speaking, L.L.C is a suitable business structure intended for small businesses.
  Check core different characteristics between L.L.C and K.K.

Difference of LLC from KK

1. All members must consent to amendment of the articles of 
incorporation, unless the articles of incorporation provide 
otherwise(In a KK, only a supermajority of shareholders is required.)

2. All members must consent to any transfer of ownership, 
unless the articles of incorporation provide otherwise
In a KK, the transfer of shares is unlimited by default.)

3. All members are representatives of the company by default, 
unless managers have been appointed. (In a KK, only the representative 
directors represent the company.)

4 Major business decisions (such as large asset sales or winding up 
of the company) may be made informally. (In a KK, resolutions
of shareholder and board meetings are often required for such

5. Members may invest any type of asset in exchange for
 their interest. 
(In a KK, non-cash contributions require an appraisal 
supervised by a court.)

6. LLC do not have the same level of prestige as reliable as K.K.s 
(Because KKs have traditionally required a larger capital
 and procedural investment)

  For the above-mentioned procedures, various documents in 

Japanese need to be submitted to Japanese authorities. 

  Let us help your business to start smoothly.