2−1 Guide to start business in Japan

 To start business in Japan as owner, manager or investor, you need to
prepare various and complicated administrative procedure. You also need to pay attention to a time schedule, and make sure every legal requirement to be satisfied.
 Here are three main points to be considered.

1. Obtain  "Investment & Manager" status of residence
  UNLESS your starus of residence are "Spouse, etc. of a Japanese national", "a permanent resident", "Spouse, etc. of a permanent resident" , or "Long-term resident", "Investment & Company" is required.

2. Business Licence 

  Certain types of business are legally required to obtain business 
license from Japanese authorities before starting business. 
See main business license here. 

We support you with administrative procedure, documentation,
and information gathering to ensure to obtain business license.  

3. Legal entity to Start Business in Japan 

There is a variety of types of business in Japan. Each purpose, 
structure, and restriction is different. Check here.
We suggest you to decide the most appropriate business type 
for your business, and help you to get through incorporation procedure.

  For the above-mentioned procedures, various documents in 

Japanese need to be submitted to Japanese authorities. 

  Let us help your business to start smoothly.